Permanent Makeup by Dunja

Allegra Donn

Freelance Journalist

“I’ve always been wary of permanent make-up, until I saw the shop assistants at EF MediSpa. They both had their lips coloured permanently and I was astonished by the stunning results of Dunja’s permanent make-up. They looked so natural, just bursting with health which to me is what beauty is all about. One would never have guessed that even a hint of permanent pigment had been added to them. As someone who never wears lipstick, only lip-salve, I find Dunja’s work very subtle and beautiful Dunja is also a very talented make-up artist and I think that is her strength because she understands the colours of the face and how to enhance people’s features with just the touch of a brush. If anyone is considering trying permanent make-up, Dunja would be the only person I would go to.”

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