Permanent Makeup by Dunja

Lauren O’Rourke


Nails INC, Harvey Nichols Manager, London

“Having my eyebrows permanently applied by Dunja was one of the best things I have ever done, beautiful eyebrows to me are one of the most important feature that helps frame the face and really sets off everything about my look. Having worked in the beauty industry for many years permanent makeup was something I was already well aware of however, I would usually tint my eyebrows weekly and pencil them in daily. This was extra time and a total hassle, the worst thing was once I was home and washed my face I had near to nothing in the brow department. So while on holiday, at the pool,or spa I was always without my strong brows. Having them treated with permanent makeup; I now have perfect eyebrows 100% of the time make up or not and I feel confident and attractive even without any other make up on. People always ask me about my eyebrows and compliment me on the perfect shape, and they have no idea they are done with permanent makeup which I love.
So thank you Dunja I love my eyebrows and would recommend anyone to have theirs done too.”

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