Permanent Makeup by Dunja

Dr. Bela Treon

”Dunja at Lund Osler is a very professional and approachable artist. She is a good communicator and put me at ease when explaining the procedures for enhancing the eyebrows. Although I had concerns about the treatment previously, she was very reassuring regarding the natural pigments used and their safety record. The procedure was done in a very clean and calm environment and Dunja carried out the treatment gently and painlessly. It took a short while which was an advantage as I have a busy schedule. She reviewed me two weeks later to follow up the the result and carried out the needful ‘top-up’. Both consultation and top-up were lunchtime procedures while the main appointment was slightly longer and not rushed. Dunja seemed to have the ability to achieve a balance of an aesthetically pleasing and natural look for myself and I valued her opinion as she was clearly very experienced in this field. I would not hesitate to see Dunja again and recommend her wholeheartedly.”- Dr. Bela Treon

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