Permanent Makeup by Dunja

Nikki Marks

“I am natural sceptic. I am wary of trying new products, treatments and fads. We are led to believe by advertising moguls and celebrity endorsements that these will rejuvenate our lives, make us more successful, attractive etc.

Unfortunately I am of an age where I have seen many of these fads, come and go, with few of them standing the scrutiny of time. It was there fore with much trepidation that I ventured into the world of semi permanent make up.

Not doing anything lightly I did much research. I read articles, journals and spoke to those whom I thought may have some knowledge, my beautician, hairdresser and friends.

Like me many were reluctant, everyone had an anecdotal horror story. The over riding tone throughout my investigations was whilst many were prepared to subject themselves to general anesthetic and surgery, few were prepared to try semi permanent make up.

Their fear seemed to stem from the unknown and the term “semi permanent” .

Their concerns mirrored mine yet I still had a desire to find out more. My curiosity led me to Dunja. (This and the fact that as a professional researcher I made countless enquiries with regards to my subject matter. Finding Dunja was not “pot luck”. I did not pluck her number from a phone book. I found her because she is a consummate professional, with a diverse background in make up.

My first visit to Dunja consisted of an in depth consultation before any treatment was suggested. She was able to answer all of my prepared questions and allayed all of my fears. I went from being nervous and curious to being relaxed and eager to commence the treatment. My only disappointment was when Dunja sent me away, having undergone a patch test, telling me to think about it. I was placed under no pressure whatsoever. It was me who placed the pressure on Dunja to start the treatment as soon as possible.

I have fair hair, fair eyebrows and a hectic schedule. I spend every morning in the gym, then rush to appointments. My eyebrows were the first to be treated. The process was relatively painless. the area is numbed and all that is felt is a slight scratching sensation. I had the treatment twice over a 4 week period. I went from having eyebrows that were difficult to shape that I was never satisfied with to ones that are now defined and shape my eyes. The look is subtle but totally effective. whilst I have had many comments about how well I look no one has actually realised why. The effect is that good.

Having been more than satisfied with my first venture into semi permanent make up, with the help and guidance from Dunja I underwent my next treatment. This treatment, eyeliner top and bottom would put fear in the most stoic of personalities, but not me, I was that confident in Dunja’s ability.

This treatment was carried out in the same way as before. It was marginally more uncomfortable. The results were a total transformation of my eyes.

Again no one has asked what I have done, not even the closest of friends (even those that see me daily at the gym with no make up on). I have however had numerous compliments on my eyes. I have noticed how awake I look, even very first thing in the morning. The treatments are totally natural. I do not look like I have put on make up to go to the gym. My normally light coloured features are enhanced and defined. I am ecstatic with the results.

Unfortunately, I now find myself addicted to looking good “naturally”, as everyone else seems to think. I have actually “spilled the beans” to my friends and have recommended Dunja to them.

At the time of writing this I have booked another appointment with Dunja to have a treatment on my lips. There is nothing wrong with the shape or definition of my lips having seen the results of my previous treatments I have decided to enhance what nature has given me.

So if like me you want to look your best with the minimum of effort leave it to the professional.

Thank you, Dunja.”

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