Permanent Makeup by Dunja

Renate Dainty

“In November 2010, Dunja joined our team at Lund Osler and after I had a quick chat with her it was clear to me, an appointment for a consultation is booked. In a really nice and relaxing chat I told dunja my likes and dislikes about my face. Things I have wanted to change for along time and now was finally sorted with some brilliant 3D ideas from her.

My eyebrows nicely shaped, upper and lower eyeliner back on track and my lips in a stunning shape and color, I’m now enjoying every day with my new face. So the first thing I did was go through my handbag, taking out my make up pencils for lips eyes and eyebrows and put them back in my draw at home. May they stay there for ever!!

And now I am living a life of no worries about my make up and doing what ever I’d like to do, if jumping in the water or just waking up, I feel more comfortable about the way I look. I will never regret my decision.

During the whole treatment Dunja always showed her professionalism and made me feel absolutely safe and happy . Her ideas to improve and change my face really impressed me.

In the most gentle way she made one of my little dreams come true. So I would like to thank you Dunja. You are an amazing make up artist. You have a real skill for colour and beauty. Im so happy you found the perfect job to share it with us.”

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