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There are so many eyelash growth products on the market today the question is which one should you try? I have gone through many trials over the past few years; Revitalash was my first product trial. The results were very modest and I really needed to look closely to see the changes. Overall this product was better than nothing; however it really did not make a visual difference. In the mean time I tried a few other brands which only lead to further disappointment of achieving luscious fluttering lashes. A new brand out on the market in the UK is M2BEAUTÉ this is stocked at Harrods. They have two key items for your lashes the activating serum and the revitalizing gloss. I have only trialed the activating serum it promises to stimulate natural growth for fuller, longer and stronger lashes. I did not need much convincing! The key ingredient in this product is MDN, and has been adapted for cosmetic usage. After 6 weeks I noticed an increased overall improvement. I must say my lashes are much longer; however the overall thickness is not as noticeable. The length and volume was increasingly more noticeable once my mascara was applied. This product was non- irritating, I experienced no redness around the delicate areas of my eyes. After the 4th week I began to receive compliments on my lashes and many clients started asking me what mascara I used and where I had my lash extensions done. So clearly the product was delivering great results. For anyone wondering about lash growth products and if they work, I must admit many of them do work, however they do enhance your already existing lashes it is always important to be realistic. I recommend M2 Lash Activating Serum it provided great results and were noticeable after the 4th week which is impressive.

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