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Dunja Ghag 3D® Brows: Semi Permanent Makeup Review by Kiss & Makeup London

Semi Permanent MakeupI’m no stranger to semi permanent makeup, but as my last session had been over two years agoi, it was time for a top up. That’s the beauty about using semi permanent makeup- the fact that it IS semi permanenent and you’re not stuck with it forever. Yes, I know I’m stressing this point, but it’s so valid you’ll just have to put up with it.

Last time I had my eyebrows done, I visited the lovely Dunja Ghag at the EF Medi Spa, and I was so happy with Dunja’s work that I’m seeing her again- this time at her new home at Lund Osler, Knightsbridge, London.

It’s always a bit scary to have this done- even when you’ve had it before- so I’ll talk you through the steps. My eyebrows had been overplucked as a child, and were a little sparse, so I wanted them filled out- goodbye eyebrow pencil!

First off, there’s the consultation, where you discuss the shape you’re looking for and have a patch test. This involves a tiny prick behind the ear and some measuring with what looks like a ten year olds geometry set, to get the facial proportions just right.

On the day of your treatment you go through what you’d like once more- longer, shorter, thicker etc, and then you lie down whilst a topical anesthetic cream is applied to the eyebrows.

The 3D® Brows Treatment is exclusive to Dunja and involves mixing a few shades together to create an effect that looks natural and multi dimensional. There’s no single flat tone used in the brow, so they look very real and she uses feather light strokes rather than a solid line to create the impressions that the pigments used is actual eyebrow hair- it’s placed as such.

It does sting a little when the needle goes in- even through the numbing cream, but it’s bearable and it’s much lower level than a tattoo as it doesn’t go as deep.

Once she’s finished I get a list of aftercare instructions- keep the brows away from water- apply vaseline three times a day to keep them moist- and a follow up appointment, The follow up appointment is important as it’s two weeks after treatment, during which some of the pigment will have scarred and faded away, so Dunja may need to top up some areas for an even finish. Be wary of any clinic who doesn’t offer a free follow up as this is part of the service.

At the follow up treatment a few areas were touched up (which necessitated another two weeks of being careful with water, vaseline etc) and then my brows were good to go- for the next year or so!

‘Touch ups will be required depending on each individual’s metabolic rate, as the body eventually metabolises the pigment over time.’ Dunja told me, also adding that I was probably fine for at least 18 months.

I’m very happy with my new eyebrows- they’re exactly what I wanted- well placed, slim and well defined. What do you think- tempted to try it now?

Learn more about 3D® Brows from Dunja Ghag on her website, and you can visit her treatment rooms at Lund Osler. Prices start at £795 for brows, including the follow up treatment.

by Zara Rabinowicz

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