Permanent Makeup by Dunja

London’s only 3D® Permanent Makeup Services

Recent advances in high definition digital broadcast technology meant that celebrity clients became more demanding as their close-ups became more unforgiving. Therefore Dunja was compelled to explore new methods to deliver perfect natural looking results.

With a unique understanding of dermal tissues, muscles that form expression and the myriad of various skin types, Dunja began to experiment with different techniques and materials. After much research Dunja’s pioneering exclusive 3D™ system was born, and is now the standard method of application for all her clients. The system looks at the body holistically to ensure that the application integrates naturally to each individual. Using a variety of shades combined with Dunja’s newly developed techniques, you will experience a stunningly natural multi dimensional 3D® finish. Using shading techniques Dunja can achieve an airbrushed finish to your lips, eyes and brows. You will gain confidence and no longer worry about smudges and smears, nor will you need to touch up your makeup throughout the day. Dunja is London’s only 3D® Permanent Makeup Technician exclusively based at Lund Osler, Knightsbridge.

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