Permanent Makeup by Dunja

The Secret To Youthful Looking Brows; 3D® Brows by Dunja

Over tweezed and sparse brows can be rejuvenated with beautiful results with using Dunja’s 3D® hair stroke technique to add back fullness and definition back your brows without compromising a natural look. The results are perfectly balanced sculpted brows. With age brows can begin to lose shape, density and tone and this in turn can create an overall aged look to the face. Youthful brows are always full, luscious and healthy looking this creates the fresh faced look. By adding back fullness and color to the brows you can knock off years in a simple session without changing your facial structure. Jennifer Aniston is a perfect example in her before image she shows a typical over tweezed and stenciled looking brow; this results in a harsh and unnatural appearance to the overall balance of her face. However in her after image the appearance of her brows are much fuller and less angular this creates a softer more feminine and youthful look to her face while framing her eyes. Finding the perfect balance for your brows is essential to help you look your best each and every day.
With years of experience Dunja has helped her clients in London achieve

Over the past years in London, Dunja has changed many women’s perception of permanent makeup as unfortunately we have all seen the horrors of what permanent makeup can look like when carried out by a reckless technician. However Dunja has broken the myth; permanent makeup can look completely natural and undetectable.

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