Permanent Makeup by Dunja

London’s No1 for Semi Permanent Makeup

• London’s only 3D® Technician
• Celebrity Brows
• Hair-by-hair Perfect Brows

Dunja can create the illusion of perfect little hairs skillfully created to ‘cheat’ your way to the brows of your dreams. Nobody but you needs to know that the eyebrow hairs you have are not nature’s own. This incredible permanent eyebrows makeup technique brings clients across the globe for this remarkable skill, which combines perfectly simulated natural 3D® hair strokes at beginnings and ends, with colour mist through the middle and arch to define and perfect. The face lift in a Brow this can be a better option then Botox in many cases! This technique is for anyone who wants to looks and feel their best each and everyday. One simple treatment can literally turn back the clock and rejuvenate the face by using Dunja’s perfect 3D® dimensional hair simulation technique.

Dunja’s unique hair by hair technique with eyebrow micropigmentation gives you incredible individual style. Her genius treatment adds numerous fine hair stokes that imitate hair growth creating a dream brow that flatters and enhances your features.

Matched perfectly to the natural colour of your brows, Dunja’s semi permanent eyebrows can lengthen, broaden, balance and perfect the look of your brows by individually drawing tiny hair strokes among the real hairs. The results are breathtaking; this procedure gives your face depth, shape and can make you look younger. See press coverage of this incredible semi-permanent eyebrows treatment.
For those with thin or ‘invisible’ brows due to excessive tweezing or fair hair colour, Dunja’s semi permanent eyebrows can create completely natural looking, beautifully shaped brows which won’t smudge or wash off and keep their perfect look for years to come.

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