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Skin Ceuticals: Clarifying Clay Masque

I have been using this clarifying masque for the past few weeks to help with my decongested pores due to traveling and water changes.  I love this masque as it has addressed the blemishes on my forehead and cheeks without drying out my skin which can be a problem with most clarifying masques on the market.  This masque contains soothing ingredients’ such as zinc oxide, aloe vera and chamomile.  Natural earth clays, kaolin and bentonite are responsible for the decongesting actions as they lift impurities from the skin and help balance out excess oil production.  This masque not only helps clear the skin of congested/acne problems, but it also helps to add a renewed and fresh look to your skin as it contains 5% hydroxyl acid which helps gently exfoliate dead skin cells from your skin thus creating a beautiful glow to the skin.  This masque can be used weekly and I highly recommend this to help rid of all the impurities caused from; cosmetics and pollution that we are exposed to daily.  This clarifying masque is suitable for all skin types so you can be assured it is very gentle.

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