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Skin Ceuticals Hydrating B5 Gel Review

We are all very aware of the buzz word HYALURONIC ACID; which is already found in all of our body’s; it is our own natural hydrator which helps to bind moisture to our skin.  This lightweight clear liquid gel is packed with B5 which is known to help repair tissue.  I use this morning and night without fail. It is fabulous to use alongside any type of Vitamin C treatment - I highly recommend C E Ferulic®   which is in the same Skin Ceuticals Range.  The Hydrating B5 Gel will also help to maximize the benefits of your daily moisturizer.  Simply apply after cleansing, this is perfect for ALL skin types if you have oily or acne prone skin this may be just enough hydration however if you have normal to dry skin I would suggest using a daily moisturizer.  Only a few drops are needed as it spreads easily and is pulled in quickly by your skin.

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