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Anti-Ageing Secrets: Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup in London

Julia Roberts Eyebrows Before & After - Permanent Makeup

One of the most frequently asked questions from my patients is how to apply ‘ anti ageing makeup’ With many products on the market to choose from; foundations that promise to fill wrinkles , concealers that brighten and illuminate tiered eyes all the way to moisturizers that promise the same results of ‘botox’ with no needles.  However eyebrows are widely overlooked and usually forgotten about.  However eyebrows are the ‘frame’ to the face.  Poorly shaped brows can alter your expression hence enhancing a heavy look to the eye area. Thin and sparse brows can add years to your appearance. Unruly brows can look heavy and close your eye area making your eyes appear smaller.

Julia Roberts is a great example, the 42 year-old actress has said goodbye to her previous thick, unruly and unbalance brows and opted for a set of soft flattering arched brows that noticeably lift her face and help create a beautiful softness. Similarly, Catherine Zeta Jones well-defined and beautifully sculpted brows instantly widen her eyes, making the 40 year-old appear fresh-faced and youthful. Other celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Tyra Banks and Jennifer Lopez have all altered their brows over the years; plumping them up due to over tweezing, re-balancing arches to provide a harmonious balance to the face and overall re-shaping can been seen on all of these lovely ladies.

With Dunja’s 3D ® technique permanent makeup can help restore, rebalanced and completely reshaped your brows. Using permanent makeup can help to recreate your own unique perfect brow shape so you can look your best 24 hours a day without the daily morning routine of trying to pencil in your brows.  The results are natural and provide you with an instant confidence boost.  Dunja says ‘almost every patient I treat says they wish they has done this much sooner and simply cannot believe the difference 3D ®Brows have made not only to their face but to their everyday life.’

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