Permanent Makeup by Dunja

Chloe Hyatt

” Years of threading, waxing and other ill-thought out tinkering with my eyebrows had left them thin and uneven. They were also naturally uneven in their shape and positioning. Dunja’s semi-permanent treatment has thickened and evened them with precision whilst maintaining a completely natural appearance. The effect is amazing, good eyebrows are invaluable in the framing of the face and I really feel that they have improved my overall appearance massively. My friends and I have also noticed how much more flattering they are in photographs.

I had heard many Botox horror stories, and despite wanting to postpone ageing as much as everyone else, I was apprehensive about making the leap from everyday beauty treatments, such as waxing and facials to something more invasive. Having been so satisfied with the amazing result achieved with my eyebrows and confident of Dunja’s experience and professionalism I felt entirely at ease in booking in for Botox treatment with Dunja. It was practically painless and unbelievably quick. Dunja is most definitely light handed with a needle (many a NHS nurse could do with a lesson from her!) I am overjoyed with the result. My only concern about either treatment is the need to ensure that I reside within commuting distance from Dunja’s clinic!”

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