Permanent Makeup by Dunja

Monica Zeba

Vancouver B.C. Canada

“I always wished I had perfect eyebrows & never could achieve that perfect look! As a young child I cut myself right into my eyebrow which has left a scar and no hair has grown in that spot so the past decade I’ve been coloring in my brows with makeup and got so sick of it! Not to mention all my tover tweezing damage that I had done in my teen years! I always wanted to try permanent makeup but was terrified as I’ve seen some very unnatural results. I luckily discovered what amazing work Dunja was doing with the 3D®Brows, I wanted a natural look that complimented my face & her work was exactly what I was looking for. After some research and checking out her website as well as talking to women who have been treated by Dunja I decided to contact her. She was professional and thorough from start to finish, she made sure to listen to the what I wanted to achieve and never made me feel uneasy about the procedure. I was so happy and impressed with how amazing my brows look that I decided to get my lips treated as well!! I cannot thank Dunja enough as I constantly have people telling me how great I look and they cant quite put a finger on what I’ve changed! I’m happy to share what treatments I have done but it’s also fabulous that it doesn’t look like I’ve altered my face! My lips and brows are now perfect and I love the fact that some days I can just wake up and go with little to no makeup or head to the gym and walk out still looking fresh! Thank you so much for enhancing my look Dunja, you are one talented woman and your professionalism is like no other. I recommend every women to treat themselves and enhance their looks with Dunja!!”

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