Permanent Makeup by Dunja

Permanent Makeup Treatments in London, Knightsbridge

Before & After Permanent Makeup Treatments by Dunja

Do you dream about looking great and feeling confident bare-faced?

Would you love to wake up and only have to apply a coat of mascara and a slick of lipgloss before rushing out the door?

Whatever is leading you to consider Permanent Makeup, Dunja wants you to be assured that you have made the right choice and that the final look will be the best one for you. Any treatment carried out always starts with a consultation with Dunja herself. The relaxed and informal chat is designed to put you at ease and is your opportunity to discuss your desires and to feel confident that Permanent Makeup is right for you. Dunja takes this time to listen and translate your requests into the art of Permanent Makeup.  Permanent Makeup can be used to correct, enhance or work alongside other treatments such as Dermal Fillers, Botox & DermaRoller offered at Lund Osler.

Dunja carries out all her treatments in London’s exclusive Knightsbridge area. For further details & appointments please contact Lund Olser’s Reception Team

T: +44 (0) 207 245 6979

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