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Product Review Lily Leading Instant Eye Lift

Ever wanted to look years younger within seconds? Suffer from tiered, drooping, sagging eyelids? Then it is time to discover Lily’s Instant Eye Lift.  Lily is a thin invisible medical grade silicone strip that is applied to the upper eyelid.  This little invisible strip provides an instant quick fix to help lift and open up the eye area.  This little strip is easily applied and comes with a protective and nourishing gel; which helps the strip to adhere and aids in its removal.  Lily can be applied with or without the use of eye makeup.  This is the perfect answer for anyone who has been considering an upper eyelift and would like to see what the results could look like, or anyone who is shy of plastic surgery and looking for an instant fix.  I have now used Lily on a few clients for events; they have been amazed with the results and the effectiveness.

Eye Lift Set €29.95

1 package (1 month daily use) includes:
• 64 strips in protective travel case
• application instructions and tips
• nourishing, soothing gel (3 g / 0.11 oz)

Please click here to visit Lily’s website for further details and to place your order

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