Permanent Makeup by Dunja


Perricone MD introduces Vitamin C Ester 15 to their already phenomenal skin care range. Vitamin C Ester 15 has been scientifically formulated to help boost collagen production, smooth skin texture and dramatically brighten the skins overall appearance. This is a non-invasive treatment with zero down time and only result driven performance is a very special product that everyone should introduce to their anti-ageing routine. Vitamin C Ester is a fat-soluble form of Vitamin C; it’s the ideal therapy for sun-damaged skin as it minimizes discoloration and brightens its appearance. Not only does this treatment target imperfections, fine lines and wrinkles redness is minimized and suppleness is also restored. After 3 weeks of trial my skin has really shown a dramatic difference on the areas of pigmentation that I suffer from (due to sun exposure in the past). The overall texture has been improved my skin looks almost resurfaced; fresh, glowing and smooth. The pigmentation has virtually faded over the past 3 weeks, and without any foundation is non apparent. Upon the first few applications a slight warm sensation was felt however this is very normal to expect. This is the Vitamin C working to tighten deep from within. Vitamin C Ester is uniquely formulated to be fast-acting and promises to deliver results in 7 days. I can conclude this is very true. Results are seen after the first few days of application. For best results apply to cleansed skin, apply only pea sized dots on the targeted areas of the face (forehead, chin, nose and cheeks). Wait a few moments to allow the product to absorb into your skin then follow with your daily moisturizer of choice.

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