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Youth in a pill? Yes it’s true; Colladeen Visage

This is a truly exciting and wish of many women looking to stop signs of ageing.  An affordable anti-ageing pill, launched this year!

Colladeen Visage is currently featured in Harper’s Bazaar “Beauty Hot 100” It has also been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, The Daily Express, The Daily Mail, and The Sun. 

 Colladeen Visage is priced at just £17.95 – which is a very small daily investment  and fraction of the price of other winners from Harper’s Bazaar “Beauty Hot 100”.

Colladeen Visage made headlines earlier this year when new clinical research revealed its anti-ageing benefits such as reduction in crow’s feet and firmer skin. As well as its anti-ageing properties incredibly it is the only oral pill currently available on the market that can provide an SPF. After 12 weeks an SPF 10 is achieved, which increases to SPF 15 after 24 weeks.

Newby Hands, Beauty Director at Harper’s Bazaar who has taken the product herself says that the scientific research behind Colladeen Visage is what set it apart from more expensive beauty products and indeed the other beauty pills currently on the market. She comments: “As the first natural supplement that claims to give skin an ‘internal’ SPF (of about 10), what impressed us is the scientific clinical trials used to support these claims. Taken daily, it won’t replace sun protection, but for those who always burn – or as added protection against skin-ageing – it certainly makes sense to us.”

Please click here to visit Colladeen Visage’s website

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