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Permanent Makeup by Dunja – Rihanna’s Eyebrows

It’s essential that eyebrows; are not too bold, not too thin; Rihanna’s elegant mid-sized arches are impeccably groomed to frame her beautiful eyes. If you change your hair colour (as Rihanna often does), remember to update your brow pencil or use a tinted brow gel to lighten and darken accordingly. A great way to achieve perfect brows 24/7 is with permanent makeup to help add back shape and mimic hair that is lost due to over tweezing.
Now based in Victoria, BC Permanent Makeup by Dunja

Permanent Makeup Giveaway!

Since I have recently relocated to Victoria, BC, I thought it would be a good idea to let everyone know. The best way I can think of doing that is to put together a FREE permanent makeup giveaway. The winner will receive my revolutionary, 3D permanent eyebrow treatment at my Victoria location. This is a $750 value!!

NOTE: The more times you share (tweet, follow, etc), the more times your name is entered into the draw.

I wish everyone good luck, and appreciate your support : )

Permanent Makeup by Dunja – Victoria & Vancouver BC

Permanent Makeup by Dunja I’m very excited to announce I shall be taking appointments for my permanent makeup services in Victoria, B.C.

I have now re-located to Victoria and shall be offering my permanent makeup services; permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner & permanent lip colour.

For appointment requests and if you have any further questions please feel free to email me directly as I am happy to answer any questions. Please feel free to overlook my website where you can find further information and great videos.

Antonia Mariconda ‘The Cosmedic Coach’ 5 Minute Interview With…Dunja Ghag, Celebrity Permanent Make Up Artist based in London

Beautiful Eyebrows are the Key to Anti Ageing?

Antonia Mariconda ‘The Cosmedic Coach’ 5 Minute Interview With…Dunja Ghag, Celebrity Permanent Make Up Artist.

In addition to her firmly-established reputation as the celebrities’ choice for the very best permanent makeup, Dunja has also long been in demand as a professional makeup artist, where she first began her career over a decade ago in Vancouver, Canada.

Dunja trained in Permanent Makeup in North America, where the beauty industry leads the way in cutting-edge treatments. She began treating her private clients with permanent makeup treatments. After amazing feedback and by demand, Dunja began offering her treatments to women beyond the TV/Film circuit to help them achieve a more fresh and youthful look. Dunja relocated to London eight years ago and continues to work alongside top photographers, models, agencies, cosmetic brands and fashion magazines.

What are Dunja’s Top Tips?

One of the most frequently asked questions from my patients is how to apply ‘anti ageing makeup’ With many products on the market to choose from; foundations that promise to fill wrinkles , concealers that brighten and illuminate tiered eyes all the way to moisturizers that promise the same results of ‘botox’ with no needles. However eyebrows are widely overlooked and usually forgotten about. However eyebrows are the ‘frame’ to the face. Poorly shaped brows can alter your expression hence enhancing a heavy look to the eye area. Thin and sparse brows can add years to your appearance. Unruly brows can look heavy and close your eye area making your eyes appear smaller.

Julia Roberts is a great example, the 42 year-old actress has said goodbye to her previous thick, unruly and unbalance brows and opted for a set of soft flattering arched brows that noticeably lift her face and help create a beautiful softness. Similarly, Catherine Zeta Jones well-defined and beautifully sculpted brows instantly widen her eyes, making the 40 year-old appear fresh-faced and youthful. Other celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Tyra Banks and Jennifer Lopez have all altered their brows over the years; plumping them up due to over tweezing, re-balancing arches to provide a harmonious balance to the face and overall re-shaping can been seen on all of these lovely ladies.

With Dunja’s 3D ® technique permanent makeup can help restore, rebalanced and completely reshaped your brows. Using permanent makeup can help to recreate your own unique perfect brow shape so you can look your best 24 hours a day without the daily morning routine of trying to pencil in your brows. The results are natural and provide you with an instant confidence boost. Dunja says ‘almost every patient I treat says they wish they has done this much sooner and simply cannot believe the difference 3D ®Brows have made not only to their face but to their everyday life.’

Dunja is exclusively based at Lund Osler, Knightsbridge London and offers permanent makeup for eyebrows, eyes and lips along with botox, dermal fillers & dermaroller services

Please visit for further details

To find out more about Antonia Mariconda ‘The Cosmedic Coach’  please click here

‘Dunja is the queen of London’s Permanent Makeup Specialists’ says Beauty Business News

Written by: Kathryn Danzey  for Beauty Business News

Dunja is  the queen of London’s Permanent Makeup Specialists. Her work has made PERMANENT MAKEUP AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE. No longer is it a treatment just for in-the-know celebrities, anyone who wishes to improve and enhance their natural beauty can benefit from undetectable permanent makeup. A ture artist can make smudges and touchups throughout the day a thing of the past.

Not all permanent make up artists can truly bring out the best in each client, however, Dunja has a unique ability to work with her clients to develop on their natural beauty to achieve stunning results – and the effects can be life changing. 3D® Eyebrows, 3D® Eyeliner& 3D® Lips are all non-invasive treatments.

Recent advances in high definition digital broadcast technology mean that celebrity clients are more demanding as their close-ups become increasingly unforgiving. Dunja rose to the challenge and developed new methods to achieve perfectly natural looking results for her clients.

Dunja’s has great intuition and  her understanding of the essential interaction of dermal tissue, facial muscles and skin type has led her to create techniques such as the 3D® system, which is now recognised as the gold-standard method of application in the industry.  She has taken permanent make up to a new level, there is no longer a need to have a ’flat looking result’, her work combines new techniques with a variety of shades to give a stunningly perfect multi-dimensional 3D® finish. Using specialise shading Dunja can give the appearance of a professional makeup artist’s work to lips, eyes and brows.

If you are interested in permanent make up we recommend that you research well as not all practitioners can give the same results, Dunja is highly sought after, you can contact her at:

Lund Osler, 56 Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7JN

For further details & to book in for a consultation please visit  or call the Lund Osler reception team on +44 (0) 207 245 6979

We do not recommend that you  book this treatment through a deal of the day site, it is essential that you thoroughly research your practitioner and the work that they have done.

Check out Dunja’s work below

Video Links:

3D® Holiday Face Revolution – the non-invasive alternative to the ‘face-lift’ – Knightsbridge, London

3D® Holiday Face Revolution – is the new non-invasive alternative to the ‘face-lift’

The 3D® Holiday Face Revolution is unique because it combines the latest anti-ageing technologies; 3D® permanent makeup is used to enhance and refresh your eyebrows, eyes and lipsdermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injectables (Botox) are used to bring back lost volume, smooth skin and provide a softer appearance to your complexion alongside these treatments the Derma Roller is used to completely transform your skin from deep within for a glowing youthful flawless finish.

This treatment is uniquely created to your own specific needs and requests all during your consultation with Dunja.  For further details and bookings please contact the Lund Osler Reception Team on +44 (0) 207 245 6979
All treatments are carried out at Lund Osler’s exclusive Knightsbridge, London location.
Package starts from £1,300 for the months of October, November & December a 25% discount will be applied. Please quote ’3D® Holiday Face Revolution’

Kim Kardashian’s look can be achieved with Permanent Makeup by Dunja

Want Kim Kardashian’s look 24/7? Then invest in permanent eye makeup and permanent eyebrows with Dunja at her Specialist Make-Up Services location in London, Knightsbridge. Beautiful lush and full eyebrows can and are achieved with permanent makeup along with sultry sexy eyes that can be re-created using Dunja’s exclusive 3D® Eyeliner techniques.

Youth in a pill? Yes it’s true; Colladeen Visage

This is a truly exciting and wish of many women looking to stop signs of ageing.  An affordable anti-ageing pill, launched this year!

Colladeen Visage is currently featured in Harper’s Bazaar “Beauty Hot 100” It has also been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, The Daily Express, The Daily Mail, and The Sun. 

 Colladeen Visage is priced at just £17.95 – which is a very small daily investment  and fraction of the price of other winners from Harper’s Bazaar “Beauty Hot 100”.

Colladeen Visage made headlines earlier this year when new clinical research revealed its anti-ageing benefits such as reduction in crow’s feet and firmer skin. As well as its anti-ageing properties incredibly it is the only oral pill currently available on the market that can provide an SPF. After 12 weeks an SPF 10 is achieved, which increases to SPF 15 after 24 weeks.

Newby Hands, Beauty Director at Harper’s Bazaar who has taken the product herself says that the scientific research behind Colladeen Visage is what set it apart from more expensive beauty products and indeed the other beauty pills currently on the market. She comments: “As the first natural supplement that claims to give skin an ‘internal’ SPF (of about 10), what impressed us is the scientific clinical trials used to support these claims. Taken daily, it won’t replace sun protection, but for those who always burn – or as added protection against skin-ageing – it certainly makes sense to us.”

Please click here to visit Colladeen Visage’s website


Introducing the GOSH BB CREAM this is a ‘all in one’ moisturizer, primer, foundation and SPF15!  This clever little cream has a unique colour adapt technology therefore it can adjust to suit a variety of skin tones per shade.  There are 5 skin adapting shades to select from: 01 Sand, 02 Beige, 03 Warm Beige, 04 Chestnut and 05 Espresso. This formula is a lightweight and can be applied with fingertips or a foundation brush.

To enter for your chance to a GOSH BB CREAM simply click here to sign up to my monthly newsletter, please provide your mailing address along with the shade of your choice.  All Winner’s shall be contacted by email within the next 10 days.  Last day to enter for the prize giveaway 20/09/2012

To learn more about GOSH and to keep update with their new launches please visit their pages as below



Welcome to London’s Specialist Make-Up Services by Dunja Ghag

Welcome to London’s Specialist Make-Up Services by Dunja Ghag

Step into our discreet, relaxed Knightsbridge clinic and you will feel instantly reassured that you have made the right choice. Based in the heart of London’s exclusive Knightsbridge area, London’s Specialist Make-Up Services by Dunja have been praised in UK top magazine’s and visited by many A-list celebrities.

You will be sharing the stylish surroundings with celebrity Dentist; Dr. Surinder Hundle of Channel 4′s ’10 Years Younger’ 2004-2007.  Our staff couldn’t be warmer, more reassuring, or more dedicated to your wellbeing. We are always on hand for all your questions and requests.

The clinic has a contemporary style, spacious interior and a calm, tranquil ambience, which will make you feel instantly at ease and promote a truly relaxing experience. The clinic and its staff are of the highest quality, professional, and dedicated to client confidentiality, and from the moment of your first call to the point of your final visit, we want to make it a rewarding and pleasant experience.

Dunja offers a selection of treatments and cosmetic procedures – ranging from her own unique 3D® permanent makeup treatments to Dermal Fillers, Anti-Winkle treatment injections along with the latest addition of the Derma Roller.

Simply make an appointment for a consultation and we will take care of the rest.

Permanent Makeup by Dunja
Lund Osler
38 Knightsbridge
T: +44 (0) 207 245 6979

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