Permanent Makeup by Dunja


Cindy Jackson

Cindy Jackson

Cosmetic Surgery Expert

“Over the past twenty years I have seen the best and the worst results 
of permanent make-up on my clients from all over the world. Dunja Ghag 
is the permanent makeup artist choice of A-Listers and everyone in the 
know. No one else comes near her ability to produce stunning yet 
natural-looking results. My uncompromising perfectionism is legendary 
and Dunja is the only permanent makeup artist I trust with my looks. 
She does my eyebrows, upper and lower eyeliner and full lip colour – 

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Alice Hart-Davis

Alice Hart-Davis

Freelance Beauty Writer

“Dunja makes permanent make-up look easy and has a great knack for bringing out the best in your face.”

Michelle Heaton

Pop Singer & Television Personality

“Thank you very much Dunja for my 3D® Brows. I’ve had my eyebrows treated with permanent makeup before in the past on two occasions, but never have they been as perfectly shaped, balanced or color matched. My eyebrows look amazing, honestly so perfect! As I am someone who is always in the media I would only go to the best and Dunja is the best.”

Lynne Franks

Author, entrepreneur and lifestyle guru

“As a great believer in the value of semi-permanent make-up for many years, I am delighted to have found Dunja Ghag who not only manages to make the whole process charming and relaxing but is superb at what she does. At her suggestion, she has created a new shape for my brows which is far more flattering and harmonious for my face.”

Zara Rabinowicz

Zara Rabinowicz

Freelance Beauty and Lifestyle Writer

“Dunja Ghag is not just an eyebrows specialist, she’s a brow artiste, skillfully working with the natural line of the brow to give a great filled in look that defines and shapes the face. With a steady hand and a smile she dispels any worries bout needles, and leaves you looking fresh faced and natural. Highly recommended.”

Allegra Donn

Freelance Journalist

“I’ve always been wary of permanent make-up, until I saw the shop assistants at EF MediSpa. They both had their lips coloured permanently and I was astonished by the stunning results of Dunja’s permanent make-up. They looked so natural, just bursting with health which to me is what beauty is all about. One would never have guessed that even a hint of permanent pigment had been added to them. As someone who never wears lipstick, only lip-salve, I find Dunja’s work very subtle and beautiful Dunja is also a very talented make-up artist and I think that is her strength because she understands the colours of the face and how to enhance people’s features with just the touch of a brush. If anyone is considering trying permanent make-up, Dunja would be the only person I would go to.”

Lucy Baxter

Women’s Agent Storm Model Management

“My permanent eyebrows are so natural; the colour is subtle but the results dramatic. Dunja made the procedure very comfortable and I suffered no irritation despite having sensitive skin.  I will most definitely be recommending her to my clients.”

Dr. Bela Treon

”Dunja at Lund Osler is a very professional and approachable artist. She is a good communicator and put me at ease when explaining the procedures for enhancing the eyebrows. Although I had concerns about the treatment previously, she was very reassuring regarding the natural pigments used and their safety record. The procedure was done in a very clean and calm environment and Dunja carried out the treatment gently and painlessly. It took a short while which was an advantage as I have a busy schedule. She reviewed me two weeks later to follow up the the result and carried out the needful ‘top-up’. Both consultation and top-up were lunchtime procedures while the main appointment was slightly longer and not rushed. Dunja seemed to have the ability to achieve a balance of an aesthetically pleasing and natural look for myself and I valued her opinion as she was clearly very experienced in this field. I would not hesitate to see Dunja again and recommend her wholeheartedly.”- Dr. Bela Treon

Lauren O’Rourke


Nails INC, Harvey Nichols Manager, London

“Having my eyebrows permanently applied by Dunja was one of the best things I have ever done, beautiful eyebrows to me are one of the most important feature that helps frame the face and really sets off everything about my look. Having worked in the beauty industry for many years permanent makeup was something I was already well aware of however, I would usually tint my eyebrows weekly and pencil them in daily. This was extra time and a total hassle, the worst thing was once I was home and washed my face I had near to nothing in the brow department. So while on holiday, at the pool,or spa I was always without my strong brows. Having them treated with permanent makeup; I now have perfect eyebrows 100% of the time make up or not and I feel confident and attractive even without any other make up on. People always ask me about my eyebrows and compliment me on the perfect shape, and they have no idea they are done with permanent makeup which I love.
So thank you Dunja I love my eyebrows and would recommend anyone to have theirs done too.”

Noreen Chadha

“I’ve known Dunja for about 3 years now and not only is she lovely with a great sense of humor; she is also amazing at what she does. She has done my permanent eyeliner and my eyebrows and I am super pleased with the results. She has saved me so much time getting ready in the morning!! On top of that she also permanently colored in the childhood scars on my knees which has really helped create a more flawless leg look. I will actually fly to London from New York to see her because she is just worth it!”

Roxana A

“The results are truly impressive. Subtle yet very effective at the same time.

Dunja was able to advise on colour combinations and is a real artist when it comes to analysing the shapes and colours that will best suit and enhance the beauty of your face.

Dunja enhances the natural beauty of your eyes and lips and the results are fantastic and very natural.”

Nikki Marks

“I am natural sceptic. I am wary of trying new products, treatments and fads. We are led to believe by advertising moguls and celebrity endorsements that these will rejuvenate our lives, make us more successful, attractive etc.

Unfortunately I am of an age where I have seen many of these fads, come and go, with few of them standing the scrutiny of time. It was there fore with much trepidation that I ventured into the world of semi permanent make up.

Not doing anything lightly I did much research. I read articles, journals and spoke to those whom I thought may have some knowledge, my beautician, hairdresser and friends.

Like me many were reluctant, everyone had an anecdotal horror story. The over riding tone throughout my investigations was whilst many were prepared to subject themselves to general anesthetic and surgery, few were prepared to try semi permanent make up.

Their fear seemed to stem from the unknown and the term “semi permanent” .

Their concerns mirrored mine yet I still had a desire to find out more. My curiosity led me to Dunja. (This and the fact that as a professional researcher I made countless enquiries with regards to my subject matter. Finding Dunja was not “pot luck”. I did not pluck her number from a phone book. I found her because she is a consummate professional, with a diverse background in make up.

My first visit to Dunja consisted of an in depth consultation before any treatment was suggested. She was able to answer all of my prepared questions and allayed all of my fears. I went from being nervous and curious to being relaxed and eager to commence the treatment. My only disappointment was when Dunja sent me away, having undergone a patch test, telling me to think about it. I was placed under no pressure whatsoever. It was me who placed the pressure on Dunja to start the treatment as soon as possible.

I have fair hair, fair eyebrows and a hectic schedule. I spend every morning in the gym, then rush to appointments. My eyebrows were the first to be treated. The process was relatively painless. the area is numbed and all that is felt is a slight scratching sensation. I had the treatment twice over a 4 week period. I went from having eyebrows that were difficult to shape that I was never satisfied with to ones that are now defined and shape my eyes. The look is subtle but totally effective. whilst I have had many comments about how well I look no one has actually realised why. The effect is that good.

Having been more than satisfied with my first venture into semi permanent make up, with the help and guidance from Dunja I underwent my next treatment. This treatment, eyeliner top and bottom would put fear in the most stoic of personalities, but not me, I was that confident in Dunja’s ability.

This treatment was carried out in the same way as before. It was marginally more uncomfortable. The results were a total transformation of my eyes.

Again no one has asked what I have done, not even the closest of friends (even those that see me daily at the gym with no make up on). I have however had numerous compliments on my eyes. I have noticed how awake I look, even very first thing in the morning. The treatments are totally natural. I do not look like I have put on make up to go to the gym. My normally light coloured features are enhanced and defined. I am ecstatic with the results.

Unfortunately, I now find myself addicted to looking good “naturally”, as everyone else seems to think. I have actually “spilled the beans” to my friends and have recommended Dunja to them.

At the time of writing this I have booked another appointment with Dunja to have a treatment on my lips. There is nothing wrong with the shape or definition of my lips having seen the results of my previous treatments I have decided to enhance what nature has given me.

So if like me you want to look your best with the minimum of effort leave it to the professional.

Thank you, Dunja.”

Denise Barnett

“I was a bit nervous about having semi permanent makeup on my eyebrows that were uneven, but Dunja was so amazing, she reassured me and I quickly relaxed through out the whole procedure. The result was fantastic and so natural. I receive compliments almost every day and even after two years my brows are still amazing! I trusted Dunja because of her experience and qualification, she is a very talented make up artist and a wonderful person.”

Renate Dainty

“In November 2010, Dunja joined our team at Lund Osler and after I had a quick chat with her it was clear to me, an appointment for a consultation is booked. In a really nice and relaxing chat I told dunja my likes and dislikes about my face. Things I have wanted to change for along time and now was finally sorted with some brilliant 3D ideas from her.

My eyebrows nicely shaped, upper and lower eyeliner back on track and my lips in a stunning shape and color, I’m now enjoying every day with my new face. So the first thing I did was go through my handbag, taking out my make up pencils for lips eyes and eyebrows and put them back in my draw at home. May they stay there for ever!!

And now I am living a life of no worries about my make up and doing what ever I’d like to do, if jumping in the water or just waking up, I feel more comfortable about the way I look. I will never regret my decision.

During the whole treatment Dunja always showed her professionalism and made me feel absolutely safe and happy . Her ideas to improve and change my face really impressed me.

In the most gentle way she made one of my little dreams come true. So I would like to thank you Dunja. You are an amazing make up artist. You have a real skill for colour and beauty. Im so happy you found the perfect job to share it with us.”

Danell Quatch

I have always struggled with the appearance of my eyebrows.  Years of overzealous tweezing, waxing and threading left my previously lush eyebrows sparse and patchy. I have known Dunja since we were young girls, and have had the pleasure of watching her artistry grow. Familiar with Dunja’s level of perfectionism, she explained how her 3D® Brow treatment could benefit me. I jumped in head first. I can honestly say it is the best decision I ever made. My new eyebrows enhance every aspect of my face, and the amount of compliments I get on them daily is astounding! Dunja is a true genius at her craft. I am so genuinely happy with my results, I share what Dunja has done for me to anyone who asks.

Maria Gonzalez

“I’m really pleased with what Dunja’s done for my eyebrows and my lips. I was concerned that it might be a painful experience, but it was very tolerable to my surprise. It’s been a really liberating experience. I can get up now, and go to the gym without worrying of my makeup smudging and smearing. After years of damaging my eyebrows from threading, I’ve found a means of retrieving them, and being proud of them again and I’m really pleased. I have always wanted a slightly fuller lips and Dunja’s 3D® treatment did just that. I highly recommend these permanent makeup treatments as I always feel wonderfully groomed and cared for.”

Amanda based in Kensington, London

“Dunja has done permanent make up for my eyeliner both upper and lower lids, along with my lips. Each time I was thrilled with the result. It was totally natural looking and I have received many compliments from people who cannot believe that the make up is permanent, as it doesn’t look over done, as in many instances. She is to ally professional and matched my skin tone perfectly. I highly recommend her to anyone.”

Mrs M Charles

“Dunja is simply the best cosmetic tattooist I have ever come across. She is not only a true professional, but a perfectionist and her aftercare is second to none. She will not rest unless she and therefore the client are completely satisfied that the result is perfect. I could not recommend her more highly and have indeed done so.”

Sandy Castilloux

‘My experience with Dunja and her 3D® eyebrow procedure was Awesome!!! My only regret is that I did not have the procedure sooner. I was addicted to tweezing and had pretty much no eyebrows left. I use to spend on average 30 mins every morning filling in my eyebrows, trying to get them to look half decent even then I always felt they weren’t quite right. Since having the procedure, I wake up with my eyebrows on my face and not on my pillow case, it’s such a great feeling!!! I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone who wants to have the care free feeling of having perfect eyebrows all the time without the hassle. Thank you so much Dunja.’

Jenny Grantley

‘Highly Recommend. Excellent results and incredible attention to detail. I had my permanent make up done by Dunja 18 months ago, her attention to detail and her artistic sense clearly put her at the top of her field. I was surprised that there was very little discomfort involved during the application or at all afterwards. Dunja is very great to be around and put me completely at ease. When I first went to Dunja my eyebrows were in pretty bad shape, having been over plucked as a teenager! They were in need of shape and definition. Dunja made corrections that were hardly noticeable but the end result now looks perfect. I was especially impressed with the brush strokes that actually look like real hair. So happy in fact that I immediately booked in for eye liner and hope to return soon for my lips too. I know that when I refer friends to Dunja they will be treated professionally and are going to receive the best results.’ Jenny Grantley

Chloe Hyatt

” Years of threading, waxing and other ill-thought out tinkering with my eyebrows had left them thin and uneven. They were also naturally uneven in their shape and positioning. Dunja’s semi-permanent treatment has thickened and evened them with precision whilst maintaining a completely natural appearance. The effect is amazing, good eyebrows are invaluable in the framing of the face and I really feel that they have improved my overall appearance massively. My friends and I have also noticed how much more flattering they are in photographs.

I had heard many Botox horror stories, and despite wanting to postpone ageing as much as everyone else, I was apprehensive about making the leap from everyday beauty treatments, such as waxing and facials to something more invasive. Having been so satisfied with the amazing result achieved with my eyebrows and confident of Dunja’s experience and professionalism I felt entirely at ease in booking in for Botox treatment with Dunja. It was practically painless and unbelievably quick. Dunja is most definitely light handed with a needle (many a NHS nurse could do with a lesson from her!) I am overjoyed with the result. My only concern about either treatment is the need to ensure that I reside within commuting distance from Dunja’s clinic!”

Shayna Russell

Victoria B.C. Canada

“I’m so thrilled and thankful I found Dunja Ghag and learned about the 3D® brow effect and semi permanent makeup. I was a little apprehensive at first until I had my consultation with her where she explained everything in great detail and I got to see what it really looked like in person, since her and her mother have their brows, lips, and eyes done with semi permanent make up. I can say first hand they look amazing and very natural, not to mention I did a bunch of research, read her glowing testimonials, and watched her videos on her website So this put my mind at ease and I couldn’t wait to book my appointment to get my 3D® brows done as soon as possible.

I was part of a generation of women who plucked away their eyebrows as a teenager (since that was the style way back then) and sadly they never grew back fully. I had very sparse and short eyebrows that barely existed. So I was amazed and excited to find a solution that really worked!! I had been spending at least $20/month on eyebrow pencils, gels, and powders, and had wasted money on serums that “promised” regrowth of my brows, and worst of all I had wasted time every single morning for the last 18 years trying to create a brow that really didn’t stay put all day.

Dunja is clearly a true professional in her field, has immense talent, years of training, and knows exactly how to enhance a woman’s beauty in a natural way.

Not only has she created beautiful, natural, and face framing eyebrows on me; she has given me my confidence back which is priceless! Also, now I can enjoy activities like swimming, working out, and waking up in the morning without worrying that my eyebrows have either faded or completely come off. I have gotten so many compliments when I tell my girlfriends about them. They really had no idea that they were done with semi permanent makeup and they all keep saying, “how natural the shape and color look and how it looks like real hair”. They are amazed with the technique and so am I.

If you want to have gorgeous, natural looking face framing eyebrows that make you look more refreshed, beautiful, and save you time and money then I highly recommend her and recommend you book your consultation today.

So if you want the best, go to the best and the best without any hesitation, is Dunja Ghag. I’m so incredibly happy with the results that I plan to get my lips and eyes done too. I truly can’t thank her enough and the only downside is that I wish I had discovered her years ago!”

Monica Zeba

Vancouver B.C. Canada

“I always wished I had perfect eyebrows & never could achieve that perfect look! As a young child I cut myself right into my eyebrow which has left a scar and no hair has grown in that spot so the past decade I’ve been coloring in my brows with makeup and got so sick of it! Not to mention all my tover tweezing damage that I had done in my teen years! I always wanted to try permanent makeup but was terrified as I’ve seen some very unnatural results. I luckily discovered what amazing work Dunja was doing with the 3D®Brows, I wanted a natural look that complimented my face & her work was exactly what I was looking for. After some research and checking out her website as well as talking to women who have been treated by Dunja I decided to contact her. She was professional and thorough from start to finish, she made sure to listen to the what I wanted to achieve and never made me feel uneasy about the procedure. I was so happy and impressed with how amazing my brows look that I decided to get my lips treated as well!! I cannot thank Dunja enough as I constantly have people telling me how great I look and they cant quite put a finger on what I’ve changed! I’m happy to share what treatments I have done but it’s also fabulous that it doesn’t look like I’ve altered my face! My lips and brows are now perfect and I love the fact that some days I can just wake up and go with little to no makeup or head to the gym and walk out still looking fresh! Thank you so much for enhancing my look Dunja, you are one talented woman and your professionalism is like no other. I recommend every women to treat themselves and enhance their looks with Dunja!!”

Vicki Reiki

Victoria B.C. Canada

“Thank you Dunja Ghag for the fantastic lip makeover you gave me with the 3D® Lip treatment you offer. I went from having a thin, uneven, pale lip colour to a perfected fuller, uplifting natural colour tone and just overall much more attractive lips. Dunja listened to my anxious comments and confirmed to me that she was the right person to perform the magic. When it comes to something semi-permanent I was very nervous and I am thrilled to say Dunja was the right person to go to for this procedure! I love my new look. Thank you so much! “