Permanent Makeup by Dunja



Just imagine what it would be like if you could swim, exercise and wake up in the morning with professionally applied makeup. . .

Anyone who wishes to improve, correct and enhance their natural beauty can benefit from undetectable permanent makeup. From busy mothers to professionals on the go every woman wants to look and feel the best they can each and every day.

Permanent makeup, or Micro pigmentation, has been used in the cosmetic industry and dates back over one hundred years. It is a method of implanting color pigments into your skin to create a lasting cosmetic effect. Micro pigmentation can be used to achieve soft and natural results and restore confidence to your overall appearance. Not only will permanent makeup save you time, it can also save money spent on cosmetics that end up at the back of your dresser drawer unused.

When you decide to have permanent makeup, it is vital that you consider clinical safety and the aesthetic ability of the technician. The permanent makeup procedure by Dunja is applied under strict sterilization and safety procedures. Our digital technology system used is recognized as one of the highest quality and safest on the market today along with the most advanced and highly graded cosmetic enhancement pigments that are used to carry out Dunja’s permanent makeup treatments.

Who can benefit from Permanent Make-Up?

Those who:

  • are simply unable to apply make-up
  • have concerns about facial asymmetries
  • have scarring from cosmetic surgery or accidents
  • are on the go and have little time to apply make-up
  • have experienced allergies to conventional make-up
  • enjoy regular holidays in the sun and people who swim
  • cannot see without glasses or are partially-sighted or blind
  • have lost their eyebrows and eyelashes to alopecia or chemotherapy
  • wish to avoid embarrassing lipstick stains on their teeth, wine glasses etc
  • are very active or athletic and experience smudging and running make-up
  • have physical disabilities, arthritis or other conditions that make it difficult to apply make-up
  • desire the freedom from daily make-up application but still wish to look their best at all times

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