Permanent Makeup by Dunja

3D® Eyebrows

Brows always provide an important focus for the latest looks in makeup, as seen in the top style magazines. With celebrities making such an impact with their perfect makeup, we look to current starlets such as Megan Fox, Cheryl Cole and Jennifer Aniston for brow inspiration. Having perfectly-shaped brows can make all the difference; they can change your expression, brighten and open the eye area and even give a natural lift to your face.

However if your brows are sparse, fair, lack shape or have been over-tweezed, creating a perfect, natural-looking brow can be impossible. This is both frustrating and disheartening.

Dunja has developed a revolutionary and unique brow treatment brand new to the UK. 3D® Brows exclusively by Dunja are created by exact placement of exquisitely fine strokes so that the pigment is indistinguishable from real eyebrow hair. The 3D® effect is created by blending various complimentary shades of pigment. In the past a single tone was used that created flat unnatural brows they appeared stenciled on and did not enhance one’s beauty. No matter what state your brows are in, you can now experience beautiful natural-looking perfected permanent brows.

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