Permanent Makeup by Dunja

3D® Eyeliner

Eyeliner is a key element to many women for their morning routine. However we have all experienced the smudges and smears throughout the day. Some women have difficulties applying an even and precise line along the lash. For those with poor eyesight, sportswomen, career women and busy mothers, etc, applying eyeliner every day is simply not feasible. Permanent makeup can be used in several ways to achieve a truly smudge proof finish

Dunja has developed several options for women who are seeking to enhance their eyes. For those who wish to have an almost invisible effect, pigment can be placed in between the lashes to enhance the base of the lashes making them appear thicker and darker. If you wear eyeliner daily, a more enhancing option is 3D® Eyeliner by Dunja. This gives an optical illusion of darker, thick lashes with a perfectly-applied eyeliner. Dunja creates this by placing the pigments along the lash line, under the lash line and between the lashes for truly stunning finish.

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